I am Botanic Bob, while still on the road, herbalist, osteopath, acupuncturist, author, nature lover, learner, poet, walker, musical beginner, drinker of Khayyam’s “wine”, and some kind of healer.

I am based in Ibiza, Spain, where I run a natural therapy practice serving the local community.


My interest in and love for all things natural goes way back to when I was a child exploring the local countryside and its woods, ponds and brooks… (Read more)

About Herbal Medicine

Herbs, along with massage, must surely be the one of the oldest forms of medicines used by human beings. Herbal medicine is very effective and certainly remains relevant today… (Read more)

A Mediterranean Home Herbal

I am writing a book called Mediterranean Healing Herbs: A Holistic Household Guide. While I am writing it, I am making the developing manuscript available – as a work in progress – on this website.

Field Notes From the Rain Forest of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

An account of a small scale project to document some of the medicinal plants important to the native Temuan people in peninsular Malaysia. To read about my Malaysian adventure, see here.

Naturopathic Consultations Online

Not everyone is able to travel to my practice. For those who live too far away or who find it difficult to travel, I offer consultations online. More details here.

Blog: Old-World Medicinal Plants

Capparis spinosa L. (caper). Royalty-free image from Pxfuel.com.


I see clients with a wide range of complaints who wish to use herbs as an alternative to, or complementary to, medical drugs, at my practice in Santa Eulària des Riu, Ibiza. Please note though that I am unable to offer appointments to short-term visitors to the island. For further information, see here.

Calle Ricardo Curtoys Gotarredona, 1
Edificio Sharq, Local 13A
07840 Santa Eulària des Riu, Balears

Drawing and paintings of plants from A Modern Herbal by M. Grieve (1931): Marsh Mallow, Garlic, Lavender, Rosemary. Photo of woman at desk from Pikist.